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Western States Director
Adrienne Alvord is UCS's western states director, working to ensure we transition to a clean energy and fuels economy that reduces global warming, promotes equitable economic growth, and improves public health in western states.
Research and Deputy Director, Clean Vehicles Program
Don Anair, research and deputy director of the UCS Clean Vehicles Program, is a vehicle engineer and an expert on diesel pollution, advanced vehicle technologies, and alternative fuels.
Director, Climate and Energy Program
Angela Ledford Anderson, director of the UCS Climate and Energy Program, is leading our efforts to persuade government officials to enact policies that support clean energy and result in global warming emissions reductions.
Andrea Basche
Kendall Science Fellow
Andrea Basche joined UCS in September of 2015 as a Kendall Science Fellow in the Food & Environment program.
Scientific Advisor, Tropical Forests & Climate Initiative
Doug Boucher is a scientific advisor for the Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative,
Astrid Caldas
Climate Scientist
Astrid Caldas is a climate scientist with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Senior Climate Scientist
Juliet Christian-Smith is a senior climate scientist with the Climate and Energy Program with expertise in policy-relevant information on climate science and climate impacts.
Lead Economist & Climate Policy Manager
Rachel Cleetus, lead economist and climate policy manager with the UCS Climate and Energy Program, designs and advocates effective global warming policies at the federal, regional, state, and international levels.