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History of Accomplishments


Since 1969, the Union of Concerned Scientists has brought together the knowledge and influence of the scientific community with the passion of concerned citizens to work for a healthy environment and a safer world. Here are just some of our key accomplishments:

2000 - present

  • UCS brought to light dozens of examples of political interference in science during the Bush administration and continues to watchdog the Obama administration’s use of science in decision-making. We developed a solutions agenda to restore scientific integrity to federal policymaking and got candidates in both parties to embrace it during the presidential election. Most recently, we have succeeded in pushing the White House to release scientific integrity guidelines that compel federal agencies and departments to develop policies that protect government science from manipulation, distortion, and censorship. [More about Scientific Integrity
  • UCS publishes a series of groundbreaking regional analyses of the effects of global warming. These reports mobilize local activists across the country by illustrating the risks of dangerous climate change in the Gulf States, the Great Lakes region, California, and the Northeast United States. [More about Global Warming]
  • Thanks to an intensive campaign by UCS activists—as well as an influential report by UCS scientists detailing how global warming will impact California—the nation's most populous state adopts landmark legislation to curb global warming, setting a valuable precedent for other states and the federal government. [More about Global Warming]
  • UCS climate experts play a key role in crafting the first multi-state effort to combat global warming. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) draft regulations issued by seven Northeast states will cap heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions in a region that accounts for six percent of the world's global warming pollution. [More about Global Warming]
  • UCS succeeds in pressuring the California Public Utilities Commission to approve the largest solar energy program in U.S. history. [More about Clean Energy]
  • UCS provides ongoing technical analysis of U.S. missile defense systems and tests, and plays an important role in the Obama administration’s decision to cancel the flawed Bush administration proposal for a European missile defense system. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security
  • Our detailed analysis of space debris makes UCS a main source of information following the Chinese anti-satellite test in 2007 and a collision between two satellites in 2009, and makes UCS a leading voice in calling for a ban on attacking satellites and coordination of international activities in space. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security
  • After UCS delivers thousands of emails from concerned activists, Congress denies all funding for the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator—an ineffective new nuclear weapon proposed by President George W. Bush. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security
  • After pressure from UCS and our allies, the Food and Drug Administration bans the use of an agricultural antibiotic because of concerns that widespread overuse of these drugs in animals threatens their effectiveness when used in human medicine. [More about Food and Agriculture]
  • The UCS analysis Countermeasures helps convince President Bill Clinton not to deploy a national missile defense system. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security]

More accomplishments: 1990s, 1980s, 1970s & 1960s...



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