Press Releases from the Union of Concerned Scientists

2015 Releases

4/1/2015 USDA Announces Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grants
4/1/2015 Science Group Issues 2015 Scorecard of Iconic Brands Contributing to Deforestation
3/27/2015 U.S. Emission Reduction Pledge Ambitious in Light of Washington Politics
3/25/2015 EPA Report Good News for Climate and Consumers, Shows Success of Auto Standards
3/23/2015 BP Leaves ALEC
3/23/2015 Union Of Concerned Scientists Congratulates White House Science Fair Participants
3/18/2015 House Passes Deceptive Bills Attacking Science
3/17/2015 Survey: Public Not Receiving Information It Needs Due to Agency Restrictions
3/13/2015 Michigan Governor Right to Prioritize Efficiency, Could Go Further on Renewables
3/12/2015 Science Group Voices Support as Governor Brown Signs Oregon Clean Fuels Bill
3/12/2015 Ban on Basic Science Terms Poses Potential Public Danger
3/10/2015 New Study Finds Strong Truck Standards Would Cut Oil Use And Offer Big Benefits For Consumers, Businesses And Climate
3/10/2015 Florida Residents, Businesses Vulnerable to Electricity Price Spikes
3/9/2015 Today's Rush to Natural Gas Could Mean Higher Energy Bills Tomorrow
3/6/2015 U.S. Nuclear Safety Improving, but NRC Withholding Safety Data and Punishing Whistleblowers, UCS Annual Review Finds
3/4/2015 Palm Oil Production Fueling Southeast Asia’s Haze Events
3/3/2015 Gov. Wolf Demonstrates Forward Thinking With Renewables, Energy Efficiency Investments
2/25/2015 Report Finds Taxpayer-Funded Healthy School Lunches Can Have Lasting Health and Economic Benefits
2/24/2015 Investors, Science Group Pressure Oil Companies to Disclose Climate Risks
2/24/2015 MN Clean Energy Bill Would Boost State Economy at Minimal Cost
2/19/2015 Sustainability Is Within DGAC Mandate and Necessary for Good Dietary Guidelines
2/13/2015 UCS Comments on Outcome of Climate Talks in Geneva
2/10/2015 Georgia’s Leadership On Electric Vehicles Delivers Huge Benefits To Drivers
2/9/2015 Fossil Fuel Future Continues Under Upton's Energy Plan
1/29/2015 Executive Order to Strengthen Flood Risk Standard Smart Move
1/28/2015 UCS Supports Common Sense Virginia Coastal Protection Bill
1/28/2015 UCS Urges Senate to Adopt Climate Change Resiliency Amendment
1/27/2015 To Avoid Worst Consequences of Climate Change, Solutions Must Include Land Use Sector
1/26/2015 Northeast Blizzard: Nature + Climate Change = Worse
1/20/2015 Study Finds Producing 40 Percent of Power from Renewable Energy in Minnesota Would Spur $6 Billion in Clean Energy Investments and Boost Rural Economies
1/16/2015 2014 a Record Hot Year
1/13/2015 Energy Department Should Replace Costly Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Program with Safer, Cheaper Alternatives, Report Finds
1/12/2015 House Bill Would Undermine Public Health and Environmental Protections
1/6/2015 Congress Shouldn’t Force Through the Keystone XL Pipeline – and President Obama Would Be Right to Veto It
1/5/2015 California Governor Announces New Goals to Substantially Lower Carbon Emissions by 2030

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