Press Releases from the Union of Concerned Scientists

2014 Releases

12/18/2014 Department of Interior Leads the Way on Scientific Integrity
12/18/2014 New York's Fracking Prohibition Is the Right Decision
12/17/2014 Senate Joins House in Passing Laughable PTC Bill
12/17/2014 Washington Governor Proposes Actions to Lower State's Carbon Emissions
12/15/2014 Limping Home from Lima
12/12/2014 Secretary Kerry Speaks at Climate Talks
12/11/2014 UCS Analysis Finds U.S. Has Greatest Potential for Mitigation
12/8/2014 NOAA Study on California Drought Focuses on Rain, Report Author Acknowledges More Research Needed on Temperatures
12/8/2014 Lima Meeting Could Be a Turning Point for U.N. Climate Negotiations
12/8/2014 Updated Study Finds Sixty-five Percent of Industrial Carbon Pollution Produced by 90 Entities
12/4/2014 Senate Still Has Opportunity to Provide Certainty to Clean Energy Job Creators
11/19/2014 State Rep. Pyle Gets It Wrong on Global Warming Pollution Claim
11/19/2014 Carbon Fee Bill Smart Solution
11/17/2014 Pushing Through a Keystone XL Bill Is a Big Mistake
11/17/2014 Climate Task Force Recommendations Represent a Call To Action
11/5/2014 California Passes Multi-Billion-Dollar Bond to Build a More Resilient Water System
11/2/2014 IPCC Summary Underscores Urgency Of Emissions Reductions
10/27/2014 Scary Halloween Secret: Sugary Splurge Is Daily Event for U.S. Kids
10/27/2014 Agribusiness Giant Bunge Commits To Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
10/25/2014 Bonn Climate Talks Close While Much Work Remains To Achieve Paris Agreement
10/10/2014 States Can Produce Twice as Much Renewable Electricity as EPA Calculated
10/8/2014 Fuel Economy Trends Report Shows Americans are Saving Billions at the Pump, Science Group Finds
10/8/2014 Forest Plantations Can Produce Wood While Still Conserving
10/8/2014 New Study Finds Steep Increase in East Coast High-Tide Floods
9/18/2014 UCS Supports Fossil Fuel Divestment
9/16/2014 Electric Cars are Getting Even Cleaner, New Analysis Finds
9/16/2014 New Dunkin’ Brands Palm Oil Commitment Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Science Group Says
9/16/2014 Governor Brown Helps California Prepare for Climate Change with Historic Groundwater Legislation
9/10/2014 New Report Shows Rocky Mountain Forests Facing Unprecedented Assault From Insects, Fires, And Heat And Drought Stress
9/3/2014 New Poet-DSM Biofuels Plant a Sign of Things to Come
8/29/2014 California Adopts Historic Groundwater Legislation
8/28/2014 New California Law Puts State on Road to a Million Zero-Emission Vehicles
8/28/2014 California to Invest in Low-Carbon Truck and Bus Technologies
8/27/2014 Merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons Offers Opportunities For Better Palm Oil Policies
8/12/2014 Journalism, Science Groups Decry EPA Move to Muzzle National Science Advisers
8/5/2014 Innovative Policy Provides Opportunity for Preventative Care
7/28/2014 More than 330 Public Health Experts Call on FDA to Label Added Sugar
7/21/2014 New analysis finds that 10 states could provide abundant agricultural byproducts for low-carbon fuel and electricity
7/3/2014 Proposed Legislation to Exempt Oil Industry from Compliance with California Climate Policy
7/1/2014 New Video Details Solutions to Threat Oil Use Poses for Armed Forces
6/27/2014 California Air Resources Board Adopts New Funding Plan for Low-Carbon Transportation
6/24/2014 New Report Finds Sugar Industry Obscures Health Science in Policymaking
6/19/2014 U.S. Missile Defense Agency Plans $200M Test of Anti-ICBM System on Sunday After a String of Failures
6/4/2014 Report Finds Successful Efforts to Reduce Deforestation
6/2/2014 EPA Moves to Curb Emissions from Existing Power Plants
5/30/2014 Ohio Set to Be First State to Freeze Successful Clean Energy Standards
5/27/2014 New Ranking Shows All Major Auto Companies Boosted Green Performance
5/27/2014 NRC Commissioners Kill Further Study of Moving Dangerously Radioactive Spent Fuel from Cooling Pools to Safer Dry Casks
5/22/2014 California’s Bold Blueprint for Reducing Carbon Pollution and Building a Clean Energy Economy
5/20/2014 Pepsico’s New Palm Oil Commitment Marks Major Improvement, But Other Companies Are Going Further, Science Group Says
5/19/2014 New Report Shows Climate Change Putting Landmark U.S. Historic Sites at Risk
5/6/2014 Food Industry Obscures Added Sugar in Products by Marketing Them as Healthy, New Report Finds
5/6/2014 National Climate Assessment Highlights Need for Resilience, Risk Reduction, Science Group Says
4/30/2014 Washington Governor Announces Climate Action Plan
4/17/2014 Virginia Supreme Court Rules to Protect Scientists from Onerous Document Requests
4/9/2014 Procter & Gamble Offers Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Commitment
4/7/2014 New Analysis Finds Significant Differences in How Accurately Cable News Networks Portray Climate Science
3/31/2014 House Science Committee Relying on More Industry Witnesses, Analysis Finds
3/24/2014 Colgate-Palmolive Latest Company to Jump on Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Bandwagon
3/24/2014 General Mills Commits to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
3/14/2014 Senate Vote to Roll Back Flood Insurance Reform Increases Climate Risk, Taxpayer Burdens
3/12/2014 Renewables Could Meet Nearly a Third of Michigan’s Energy Needs
3/10/2014 Senate All-Nighter on Climate Shows Resolve in the Face of Gridlock
3/7/2014 UCS’s Fourth Annual NRC Review Characterizes the Agency’s Performance as Improved but Still Inconsistent
3/7/2014 UCS’s Fourth Annual NRC Review Characterizes the Agency’s Performance as Improved but Still Inconsistent
3/5/2014 Iconic American Brands Contribute to Deforestation
3/4/2014 President Obama Formally Requests New Climate Resilience Funding From Congress
3/4/2014 UCS Names Kenneth Kimmell New President
3/4/2014 UCS Welcomes Energy Department Suspension of MOX Program in FY 2015 Budget Request
3/3/2014 Rule to Clean up Gasoline and Lower Tailpipe Emissions Finalized
2/28/2014 NRC Licensing Board Rebuffs Challenge to Shaw Areva MOX Services License to Operate South Carolina MOX Facility Despite Security Risks
2/20/2014 Kellogg’s Commits to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
2/19/2014 California Climate Scientists and Economists Urge Governor and Legislators to Make Steeper Reductions in Global Warming Emissions
2/18/2014 President Commits to Reducing Oil Use of Heavy Trucks
2/14/2014 Obama Announces Much Needed Resiliency Fund
2/11/2014 Union Of Concerned Scientists’ Book on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Published Today Garners Rave Reviews
1/29/2014 President Obama Makes Case for Climate Action in State of the Union
1/28/2014 Farm Bill Offers Seeds of Change for Industry Accustomed to Status Quo
1/24/2014 Diplomat, Veteran, Peace Advocate Jonathan Dean Dead at 89
1/24/2014 West Virginia Scientists Call on Federal Agencies to Stop Blocking Information Requests on Chemical Spill
1/22/2014 California Governor Says Drought is a “Stark Warning” of What is to Come with a Changing Climate
1/21/2014 New Report Sets a Course for Cleaner Freight Transportation in California
1/17/2014 Drought Emergency Declared in California
1/15/2014 Major Companies Disagree with Trade Groups on Climate Policy
1/14/2014 Despite Drop in Coal Use, Most States Remain Dependent on Coal Imports, Draining Billions from Local Economies

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