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Using Science to Solve Problems

Our staff experts believe that rigorous analysis is the best way to understand the world’s pressing problems and develop effective solutions to them.

Ricardo Salvador

is an internationally renowned agronomist with more than 20 years of experience working to build a healthier food system. Dr. Salvador directs UCS’s Food and Environment Program.

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Dave Lochbaum

is a nuclear engineer and one of the nation's top independent experts on nuclear power. He is the director of the UCS Nuclear Safety Project.

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Rachel Cleetus

is a widely respected economist who specializes in analyzing the effects of climate change and climate-related policies. Dr. Cleetus is a senior economist in UCS’s Climate and Energy Program.

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Laura Wisland

focuses on developing state policies to increase the use of renewable energy. As Senior Energy Analyst, she played a key role in the passage of California's landmark renewable energy standard.

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Alden Meyer

has more than 30 years of experience on energy and climate policy and led four separate national organizations before joining UCS. He now directs strategy and policy for the organization.

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Policy Experts

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Through our Science Network, we collaborate with nearly 17,000 scientists and technical experts across the country, including: physicists, ecologists, engineers, public health professionals, economists, and energy analysts. We are also a leader in science communication, helping experts explain their research more effectively and working to improve the public’s understanding of science.

UCS Leadership

Kenneth Kimmell, President and Kathleen Rest, Executive Director See UCS Leadership

Our leadership team combines a deep knowledge of critical issues with management acumen to get results.

Kenneth Kimmell, President
Kathleen Rest, Exec. Dir.

Board of Directors

James J. McCarthy See Full Board List

Our distinguished board members contribute expertise and experience to help further our mission.

James J. McCarthy

Philanthropy Team

Philanthropy Team Meet the Team

Our development team helps secure the donations and grants that allow our scientists and policy experts to advance the organization’s work effectively.

National Advisory Board

National Advisory Board See Full NAB List

An impressive group of community leaders and experts in science, business, education, and the arts lend their time and resources to support our work.


Our professional staff is committed to putting the best science and technical expertise to work to build a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

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