National Advisory Board Members

Kathryn Allen

Sue Anderson

Nonprofit Consultant, Community Activist

Jim Andrews

Physics Professor

Nathalie Andrews

Poet; Writer

Ed Begley, Jr.

Actor; Environmental Activist

Kennette Benedict

Executive Director of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Rachel Bernstein


R. Stephen Berry

Physical Chemist

Sally Bingham

Episcopal Priest, President, The Regeneration Project/Interfaith Power and Light

James Blackburn

David Blittersdorf

CEO/Mechanical Engineer

Christopher Boniface

Molecular biologist, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Emily Boniface

Cell and Molecular Biologist

Peter Boyer

Artist; Green Educator; Philanthropist

Michael Brower

Wind Energy Consultant

Lucy Caldwell-Stair

John Mike Cohen


Marcia Cohen

Marriage and Family Therapist, retired

Tony Crabb

Electrical Engineer; VP Operations, retired; Farmer/Grape Grower

Blythe Danner


Peter Danzig

Computer Science Professor; Software Entrepreneur

Helga de Bontin

Jerome de Bontin

Investment Advisor

Virginia de Lima

Retired Hydrologist

Chad DeChant


Liam S. Donohue

Venture Capitalist

Kevin Dutt

Clean Technology Entrepreneur

David Feldman

Senior Financial Analyst for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Mukesh Patel

Wesley Foell

Energy Consultant; Former Educator and Researcher

Matt Frankel

Physician; Endangered Species Advocate

Roy Gordon

Professor of Chemistry

Nancy Goroff

Bio Pending

David Gottfried

Private Investor

Barbara Grasseschi

Retired sales executive; Farmer

Daniel Gunther

Medical Doctor; Actor; Business Investor

Kent A. Healy

Civil Engineer

Theodore Hepp

Computer IT Consultant, Retired

Robert Hickler

Software Engineer; Business Manager, Retired

Toni Hicks

Environmental Lawyer and Advocate

John Hirschi

Real Estate Developer

Jerre Hitz

Systems Engineer/Manager, Retired; Philanthropist

Nancy Hitz

Advocate for the Disabled, Retired

Bart Hopkin

Musician, Instrument Maker, Publisher

Ned Hulbert

Organization and Management Consultant

David Hurd


Daniel M. Kammen

Professor of Public Policy

Brigitte Kingsbury

Foundation Director; Community Volunteer

Fred Kirschenmann

Farmer; Research Director

Frances Moore Lappé

Author; Public Speaker

Mary Laraia

Jonathan Lasker

Fine Arts Painter

William Layson

Retired Executive; Physicist; Weapons Researcher

Ann Lederer

Cross Cultural Consultant, retired; Activist; Artist

Leon Lederman

Nobel Laureate Physics, 1988

Leonard Lehmann

Electrical Engineer

Abby Leigh

Bill Leimbach

CPA/Consultant, Deloitte & Touche retired partner

Dennis Levitt

Software Developer

Felicia Marcus

Environmental Non Profit Executive

D.C. McGuire

Margaret Miller

School psychologist, retired

Alan Milton

Ecologist; Financier

William Moomaw

Professor of International Environmental Policy

Mary Day Mordecai

Organization and Management Consultant

Sue Morrill

Former Teacher of English

William Morrill

Attorney, Semi-Retired

Marion Nestle

Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, New York University

Sara Nichols

Public Interest Environmental Attorney, Retired

Bill Nye

Educator, Author, TV Host

Pat O'Donnell

Software Engineer; Hedge Fund Managing Partner

David Orr

Chair, Environmental Studies Program

Margaret Parker


Edward Parson

Professor of Law and Environment

Daphne Petri

Registered Architect, Community Activist

John Petro

Company Founder and President; Electrical Engineer

Jordanna Polis Schutz

William Porter

Geography Professor, Urban and Social Geography

Sara Ransford

Artist, Art Educator

Andrew Reich


Barry Rock

Professor of Natural Resources and Botany

Marjorie Rogalski

Grassroots Activist

Tedd Saunders

Businessman; Green Hotel Pioneer; Author

Deb Sawyer

Peace Activist; Novice Composer; Mother

Val Schaffner

Mark Schiffer

Diagnostic Radiologist; Physician

Douglas Schoenberg

August Schumacher, Jr.

Agricultural Economist- Food Systems and Nutrition

L. Matthew Schwartz

Husband, Father, Physician, Activist

Paul Schwartz

Business Lawyer

Jon Sedmak

Hardware Engineer (Notebook PCs), Retired

NoraLee Sedmak

Traveler and Theatre Addict

James Shapiro

Professor of Bacterial Genetics and Microbiology

Christina Singleton

Sarah Sponheim

Kim Stone

Associate Director

Max Stone

Investment Manager

David Suzuki

Retired Geneticist, Journalist , Author, Environmentalist

Steve Szymanski

Bio Pending

Glenn Thomas

Small Business Owner, Analytical Instrument Industry; Chemical Engineer

Joe Uehlein

Labor and Environmental Activist; Musician

Jon Ungar

Securities Trading Firm Manager

Elsie van Buren

English Teacher, Retired; Writer

Kim Waddell


Kathleen M. Washienko

Public Health Researcher; Full-Time Parent

William B. Wiener, Jr.

Architect; Environmentalist; Generalist; Political Activist

Darcy Wilding

Homemaker and mother

Mark Wilding

Television and movie writer

Jeff Wolfe

Solar Energy Entrepreneur; Engineer; Activist

Don Wuebbles

Atmospheric Scientist, Department Head, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Caroline Zug

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