Alden Meyer

Director of Strategy & Policy

Alden Meyer is director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and the director of its Washington, DC, office. He provides general oversight and strategic guidance for the organization’s advocacy on energy, transportation, agriculture, and arms control issues, and is also the principal advocate for UCS on national and international policy responses to the threat of global climate change. In addition, Mr. Meyer works extensively on renewable energy and electricity policy.

Mr. Meyer has more than 30 years of experience in energy and environmental policy at both the state and national levels. He has testified before Congress on global warming and energy issues and has authored numerous articles on climate change, energy policy, and electric utility and nuclear power issues for both environmental and general interest publications.

Before coming to UCS in 1989, Mr. Meyer served as executive director of four national organizations: the League of Conservation Voters, Americans for the Environment, Environmental Action, and the Environmental Action Foundation. Before that, he worked as a policy analyst on electric utility issues and nuclear power economics for the Environmental Action Foundation and as energy issues coordinator for the Connecticut Citizen Action Group. He has also served on several federal advisory panels, including the U.S. secretary of energy's advisory board.

Mr. Meyer received his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1975, concentrating in political science and economics. He received a master's degree in human resource and organization development from American University in 1990.

Mr. Meyer lives in Takoma Park, MD, with his wife Connie, daughter Johanna, and two Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Charlie and Chester. When he's away from the office, he enjoys hiking, sailing, singing, and Scrabble. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, as well as on the Today Show, PR, BBC, and SkyNews. He has been quoted in stories on global warming and energy issues in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and many other U.S. and international news outlets.

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