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Doug Boucher

Director, Tropical Forests & Climate Initiative



As Director of Climate Research and Analysis at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Doug Boucher coordinates the work of scientists, economists, and other analysts in the Climate and Energy Program. The Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative, which he directs, works with governments, businesses, and consumers to reduce tropical deforestation and the global warming pollution associated with land use.

Prior to joining UCS, Dr. Boucher was a biology professor at Hood College, the University of Quebec, and McGill University. While in academia, he conducted research and taught courses in Latin America. He first traveled to Latin America as a member of the Peace Corps in 1971.

He has written numerous articles and essays on a wide range of biological, ecological, and other science-related topics in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Boucher earned a B.A. in ecology and history from Yale University and a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Boucher has appeared on BBC radio and has been cited by the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor and Papua New Guinea Post-Courier.


Select Publications

Boucher, Doug. 2012. Book Review: What is Land For? The Food, Fuel and Climate Change Debate. The Journal of Peasant Studies December: 1-3.

Angelsen, Arild, Doug Boucher, Sandra Brown, Valerie Merckx, Charlotte Streck, Daniel Zarin (project leader). 2011. Guidelines for REDD+ Reference Levels: Principles and Recommendations. Meridian Institute.

Ricketts, Taylor H, Britaldo Soares-Filho, Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, Daniel Nepstad, Alexander Pfaff, Annie Petsonk, Anthony Anderson, Doug Boucher, Andrea Cattaneo, Marc Conte, Ken Creighton, Lawrence Linden, Claudio Maretti, Paulo Moutinho, Roger Ullman, Ray Victurine. 2010. Indigenous lands, protected areas, and slowing climate change. PLoS Biology 8: e1000331.

Grainger, Alan, Douglas H. Boucher, Peter C. Frumhoff, William F. Laurance, Thomas Lovejoy, Jeffrey McNeely, Manfred Niekisch, Peter Raven, Navjot S. Sodhi, Oscar Venter and Stuart L. Pimm. 2009. Biodiversity and REDD at Copenhagen. Current Biology 19:R974-R976.


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