Juliet Christian-Smith

Climate Scientist

Juliet Christian-Smith is a climate scientist with the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), based in UCS's Oakland office. Dr. Christian-Smith is the lead author of the book A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy (Oxford Press 2012) and an editor of the journal Sustainability Science. The focus of her work is providing California and U.S.  policymakers and the public with robust, timely, accessible, and policy-relevant information on climate science and climate impacts.

Prior to joining UCS, Dr. Christian-Smith worked as a senior researcher for the Pacific Institute, performing policy-focused research on sustainable water management, primarily in the Western U.S. Dr. Christian-Smith and two colleagues received the Environmental Protection Agency's Award for Outstanding Achievement for their work on agricultural water management. Previously, as a graduate student, she received a Fulbright Fellowship to study the implementation of the European Union's innovative Water Framework Directive.

Dr. Christian-Smith holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. in Biology from Smith College.

Juliet Christian-Smith's Selected Publications


Christian-Smith, J., M. Levy and P. Gleick. 2015. Maladaptation to Drought: A Case Study from California, USA. Sustainability Science. Volume 10, Issue 3 (2015), Page 491-501.

Christian-Smith, J. and M. Heberger. 2015. “Urban Water Demand and Pricing in a Changing Climate.” In: Sustainable Water: Lessons from California for the 21st Century (Lassiter and Kondolf, eds). Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Christian-Smith, J. and L. Wisland. 2015. Clean Energy Opportunities in California’s Water Sector. Union of Concerned Scientists. Report online at: www.ucsusa.org/CAwaterenergy

Christian-Smith, J. 2014. Climate-Resilient Groundwater Management: Metrics to Ensure Sustainable Groundwater Management for Current and Future Californians. Whitepaper online at: http://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/attach/2014/10/Climate-Resilient%20Groundwater%20Management.pdf

Christian-Smith, J. and P. Gleick (eds). 2012.  A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Christian-Smith, J. and B. Benli. 2012. “Good Water and Food Governance.” In: Overarching Conclusions: World Water Week 2012. Stockholm International Water Institute.

Christian-Smith, J., H. Cooley and P. Gleick. 2012. “Modeling Water Savings Associated with Agricultural Water-Use Efficiency Improvements: A Case Study of California, USA.” Water Policy 14 (2): 194–213.

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