Lael Goodman

Analyst, Tropical Forests

Lael Goodman is an analyst with the Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She conducts research and analysis to support reducing tropical deforestation as a way to mitigate climate change. Specifically, Ms. Goodman focuses on deforestation caused by the palm oil industry and protecting tropical peatlands.

Prior to joining UCS, Ms. Goodman served as a consultant to the Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan. In this capacity, she helped review and make recommendations for the University’s sustainability policies. Previously, Ms. Goodman has served on the leadership team for We Are Power Shift, a youth climate movement organization. 

Ms. Goodman holds a B.A. in English from Georgetown University and a Master of Science in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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