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Paul Baer

Climate Economist

Paul Baer is the California and Western States Climate Economist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. He is an internationally recognized expert on issues of equity and climate change, and the economics of climate and energy policy.

Prior to joining UCS, Dr. Baer was an assistant professor in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he taught courses on environmental policy and ecological economics. He is a co-founder of EcoEquity, a think tank devoted to international climate justice and sustainable development, and one of the authors of the Greenhouse Development Rights framework for global effort sharing.

Dr. Baer completed his Ph.D. in 2005 at UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, and was a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment and Center for Environmental Science and Policy. He earned his master’s degree in environmental planning and management from Louisiana State University, and his BA in economics from Stanford University. His training includes ecological economics, ethics, the philosophy of science, risk analysis and simulation modeling.

Dr. Baer has written numerous articles, book chapters and policy commentaries on climate change, environmental policies and equitable development. His articles have been published in such peer-reviewed journals as Bioscience, Environmental Research Letters, Climatic Change, Energy Policy, and Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIRES) Climate Change, and in anthologies including the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Dryzek et al., eds., 2011) and Climate Ethics: Essential Readings (Gardiner et al., eds., 2010). He was also a contributing author to Working Group III of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, and was an Associate Editor of Environmental Values from 2009-2012.


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