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Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt 

Explore the map. Answer the questions.

From the catastrophic flooding to airplane delays, from itchier poison ivy to food and water shortages, global warming is already having an impact on your life and the world around you. Embark on our Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt to explore the places (or "hot spots") where scientists have gathered evidence of climate change.


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Find the answers to the questions below by hunting around the various hot spots on the UCS Climate Hot Map

Question - Not Required - Where in the northern hemisphere can you set frozen lakes on fire?

Question - Not Required - Where in North America are planes being grounded when it's too hot?

Question - Not Required - Where is the food supply of more than 3 million people threatened by sea level rise?

Question - Not Required - In a country that has already experienced protests over people's lack of access to water, where are rapidly shrinking tropical glaciers further contributing to water shortages?

Question - Not Required - Where in Europe are higher temperatures putting the wine industry at risk?

Question - Not Required - With two catastrophic floods in the past 20 years, where in North America are severe floods expected to become more frequent?

Question - Not Required - Where are rhinos protected from poaching, but not the dangerous impacts of global warming?

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