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California and Western States, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest

National Action Alerts

Call on the Surgeon General to Curb Sugar Consumption
We need trusted, influential voices to help lead the charge toward healthier, science-based food policies. Urge the Acting Surgeon General to help shape smarter policies on sugar consumption.
Who can participate? Everyone

Say No to Misleading Climate Science Debates
CNN's coverage of climate change is improving, but it can, and should, do better. Tell CNN it's time to stop pretending there's a debate about established climate science.
Who can participate? Everyone

Protect Rocky Mountain Forests Before It's Too Late
Heat and drought stress, bark beetle infestations, and wildfires are causing trees to die at an unprecedented rate. Urge your senators to allocate the resources necessary to protect our forests from these severe consequences of climate change.
Who can participate? Everyone

Support Strong Standards to Curb Global Warming Emissions
Urge the Environmental Protection Agency to strengthen its proposed standards to limit the carbon pollution from power plants and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.
Who can participate? Everyone

Tell McDonald's to Go Deforestation-Free!
McDonald's continues to use palm oil, which causes tropical deforestation, in a variety of its products. As the world's largest fast food company, McDonald's should set the bar high and make a firm commitment to use only deforestation-free palm oil.
Who can participate? Everyone

Help Ensure Healthy Food for All
Urge Congress to support federal funding for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative to expand access to healthy foods in low-income communities.
Who can participate? Everyone

Make Half the Oil a Reality
Urge President Obama to fulfill the commitments made in his Climate Action Plan to put us on a path to make oil savings a reality.
Who can participate? Everyone

Demand a More Climate Resilient Electricity System
What is your state doing to prepare the electricity sector for the impacts of global warming? Write your governor and demand a more climate resilient electricity system.
Who can participate? Everyone

Time to Act on Trucks
Analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows trucks can be 40 percent more fuel efficient and still deliver the goods. Share the news today!
Who can participate? Everyone

Demand that PepsiCo Go Deforestation-Free
PepsiCo lags behind industry peers who have promised to ensure that they won't buy from palm oil suppliers linked to tropical deforestation. Tell PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi that it's time to go deforestation-free.
Who can participate? Everyone

"Dislike" Disinformation?
Tell Facebook to stop funding climate contrarian groups. Continuing to support renewable energy is the best way to earn new followers, not aligning with the fossil fuel-funded American Legislative Exchange Council.
Who can participate? Everyone

A Real Superhero for Agriculture's Challenges
Write to your members of Congress today and ask them to fund sustainable agriculture research to find lasting solutions to farming challenges.
Who can participate? Everyone

Shine a Light on Corporate Political Spending
We deserve to know who is influencing policies that affect our health and safety. Take action to support holding corporations accountable for their political influence.
Who can participate? Everyone

Help Prevent a Catastrophe
Today, the United States keeps nuclear missiles on high alert, ready to be fired in a matter of minutes. Tell President Obama to take our missiles off hair-trigger alert and make us all safer.
Who can participate? Everyone

Support Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
Each year, more and more palm oil plantations destroy tropical forests resulting in increased global warming emissions. Demand that America’s biggest brands address the climate risks linked to their palm oil purchases.
Who can participate? Everyone

Support Wind Power
Urge Congress to support tax incentives for developers to generate wind power--increasing our energy independence and creating new jobs.
Who can participate? Everyone

Demand Enforcement of Nuclear Power Fire Safety Regulations
Urge Congress to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission enforce its fire safety regulations and establish a clear, realistic timeline for compliance by all reactors.
Who can participate? Everyone

We Need a Healthier Food and Farm System
Take action to ensure the U.S. Department of Agriculture maximizes the potential of Farm Bill programs to prioritize healthy food and build a better farm future.
Who can participate? Everyone

Support a Level Playing Field for Clean Energy
Urge Congress to support tax benefits that will unleash the power of private investment to make renewable energy even more competitive and create clean energy jobs.
Who can participate? Everyone

Disinformation about Climate Change is Not Science
Tell News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch we need more independent reporting that focuses on facts about climate change and renewable energy, not more fossil fuel fiction.
Who can participate? Everyone

Let Scientists Speak
Urge the FDA to develop strong traditional and social media policies to allow scientists to more effectively share their research and expertise with the public.
Who can participate? Everyone

Fracking: Make Smarter Decisions with Science
Check out our fracking informational toolkit and ensure informed decisions are being made in your community by encouraging your state senator to ask critical questions on fracking in your region.
Who can participate? Everyone

Tell Rupert Murdoch: Get the Facts Straight!
Please urge News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch to match his corporation's green pledges with real action. Tell him we aren’t entertained by people who attack climate science and mislead the public.
Who can participate? Everyone

Ramping Up Renewables
Help us start a real conversation on clean energy and our energy choices: check out our new infographic and share it with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.
Who can participate? Everyone

Stop Special Interests from Repealing Renewable Energy in Your State
Renewable electricity standards in 29 states now face repeal via legislation written by climate deniers and fossil fuel interest groups. Send a strong message to your state lawmakers that voters like you choose renewable energy first.
Who can participate? Everyone

It's Time We Find Common Ground for Our Common Atmosphere
Tell Congress it's time to put aside political partisanship and start working towards positive solutions to human-caused climate change.
Who can participate? Everyone

Got Science?
Take the true or false quiz that pits your knowledge of global warming against public officials, media personalities, and political hacks. Complete the quiz and we'll send you a free "Got Science?" sticker.
Who can participate? Everyone

Real Solutions to High Gas Prices
The American public must demand a change to a transportation system that works for us—one that's much more efficient, provides better transportation options, and begins to tap into clean, reliable, oil-free sources like electric cars and advanced biofuels. You can help by writing a letter to the editor today.
Who can participate? Everyone

Raise Awareness About the Collision Between Energy and Water
Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper to raise awareness in your community about the impact of energy production on our water supply and to ensure your decision makers protect our water.
Who can participate? Everyone

Get There Greener
Take the pledge to reduce the global warming pollution from your vacation travel.
Who can participate? Everyone

California and Western States Action Alerts

Oregon: Help Make Electric Vehicles More Affordable
Oregon is taking big steps on electric vehicles, but needs to do more. Urge Governor John Kitzhaber to support state policies that will make electric vehicles more affordable for Oregon drivers.
Who can participate? Everyone in this state

Keep California Leading on Climate Change
Tell your state legislators that you support California's leadership to protect against and prepare for climate change.
Who can participate? Everyone

Midwest Action Alerts

Stand Up for Clean, Affordable Energy in Wisconsin
Add your support: ask your Public Service Commission to deny proposals that hurt consumers and clean energy growth in Wisconsin.
Who can participate? Everyone in this state

Northeast Action Alerts

Protect Delaware from Rising Seas
Urge senators Carper and Coons to help protect Delaware against sea level rise and the impacts of climate change by supporting national preparedness funds.
Who can participate? Everyone in this state

Massachusetts: Let's Put More Electric Vehicles On Our Roads
Massachusetts just took a major step on electric vehicles. Urge Governor Deval Patrick to continue making electric vehicles a priority.
Who can participate? Everyone in this state

New Hampshire: Let's Blow Away Climate Change
Urge Senator Kelly Ayotte to support wind energy so we can clean up global warming emissions in New Hampshire.
Who can participate? Everyone in this state

Southeast Action Alerts

Southwest Action Alerts


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