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The UCS Science Network: Our Impact

Science Network members are using their expertise to make a difference—speaking to the media, delivering testimony, signing on to expert letters to elected officials, conducting research and environmental impact assessments, and serving on federal advisory committees.

Here are some recent examples of Science Network members having a positive impact:

Providing Informative Testimony for Clean Car Standards

Network members lent a critical voice in advocating tough new standards that will shape the future of clean cars for decades to come.

Bringing an Expert Voice to Renewable Energy Standards

More than 200 Science Network members in Michigan—scientists, engineers, economists, and technical and health professionals—signed a letter in support of raising the state’s renewable electricity standard to 25 percent by 2025.

Advancing a Science-Based Understanding of Antibiotic Overuse

More than 150 Science Network experts in pharmacology, microbiology, and veterinary science published a statement warning policy makers of the increasing risk of resistance to antibiotic drugs fueled by the widespread overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Congress to work together to end the practice.

Shaping Research and Educating Congress on Endangered Species and Forests

When policymakers proposed legislation threatening to repeal the Lacey Act—a U.S. law that protects endangered species, tropical forests, and American jobs—the Science Network’s forestry and ecology experts came to its defense.

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