Science Network Action Opportunities

An up-to-the-minute listing of ways Science Network members can get involved and be part of the science-based solution

As a member of the UCS Science Network, you gain access to a variety of action opportunities to inform the public and influence policy makers and events where you can connect with and learn from colleagues who have similar interests. Check out the following opportunities:

DC Opportunity: Join the Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee

The Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee (ACPAC) provides a meaningful opportunity to provide input to local elected officials on environmental policy issues, share your knowledge and expertise, and stay informed of local and regional progress. They are currently accepting applications for new members. If you are interested in air quality, climate, and energy issues and live in the DC area, apply to join the Public Advisory Committee (deadline January 9, 2015).  

Seeking Stories of Abuse of Open Records Laws

Have you or your university or government colleagues been targeted with intrusive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests? If so, we'd like to hear from you. The Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists is investigating the use of open records requests to intimidate scientists (more background information here). If you have knowledge of a situation where an individual or group has used these techniques, please share your story with us here. If you would like, you can also send an email to Michael Halpern or call him at (202) 331-5452.

California Needs Clean Freight

The air across California is cleaner than it once was, but pollution from transporting goods through California causes thousands of people to get sick every year. Working with a coalition of community-based, environmental, and public health organizations, we are asking Californians to sign a petition urging Governor Jerry Brown to take bold steps to clean up California's freight transportation system. Sign the petition today. 

Petition to the President: National Food Policy

Recently in The Washington Post, UCS joined prominent food leaders Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and Olivier de Schutter in a call to President Obama to issue an executive order establishing a National Food Policy. Sign the petition today to tell President Obama that you want a National Food Policy that will transform our food system to ensure healthy, sustainably grown food for all. Add your name. 

Tell Shell to Dispel ALEC's Climate Disinformation

The CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, recently stood up for climate science and said, "We're not aligning with skeptics." But Shell continues to fund the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group that has been spreading disinformation about climate change for years. We need to let Shell know that actions speak louder than words when it comes to standing up for science. Tell Shell to stop funding ALEC's climate disinformation.

Call on Congress to Renew Support for Clean Energy

Congress must act now to renew key federal tax incentives for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean vehicles that have either already expired, or will expire at the end of the year. We need to call on Congress to support a more level playing field for clean energy—write to your members of Congress today. To make the biggest impact, personalize your letter with your own thoughts and concerns.

Oregon Clean Fuels Opportunity

Write to the Department of Environmental Quality in support of the Clean Fuels Program. Oregon's Clean Fuels Program will cut the global warming emissions from Oregon's transportation fuels by 10 percent over 10 years. In addition, the use of better fuels is a key piece of our plan to cut U.S. projected oil use in half in 20 years, and cleaner fuels will protect public health and create opportunities for economic growth in Oregon. Writing in support of this program helps its chances of being fully implemented. 

We Need Your Support
to Make Change Happen

We can reduce global warming emissions and ensure communities have the resources they need to withstand the effects of climate change—but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.