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Science Network Action Opportunities

An up-to-the-minute listing of ways Science Network members can get involved and be part of the science-based solution

As a member of the UCS Science Network, you gain access to a variety of action opportunities to inform the public and influence policy makers and events where you can connect with and learn from colleagues who have similar interests. Check out the following opportunities:

Tell your governor: put our state on the road to a clean vehicle future.

(For Science Network Members in CA, CT, MD, MA, NY, OR, RI, & VT.) Governors of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont signed an agreement to put more than three million electric vehicles on the road by 2025. Thank your governor for committing to drive electric vehicles forward, and urge him to lead the way in making this oil savings solution a reality.

Urge Congress to support a level playing field for clean energy.

Bipartisan legislation now before the U.S. House and Senate will finally give renewable energy projects access to certain tax benefits and low-cost financing—unlocking billions of dollars for clean energy. Make sure Congress seizes this opportunity to ensure renewables compete on more even ground with fossil fuels.

Join our growing team of Oil Solutions at Work experts.

Are you working each day to make oil savings solutions, like efficiency, electric vehicles and better biofuels a reality? We need your voice to educate policymakers, the media, and the public about how we can make even more progress! Visit our Oil Solutions at Work page and share your experience and expertise.

RSVP: “Communicating with Confidence” webinar, February 5 at 3:00pm.

Our presenters are experts at communicating with the public, the media, and policy makers, and will share their experiences and tips on effective ways to communicate complicated issues.  This workshop will be particularly useful for scientists who work on issues that are controversial or face a lot of uncertainty in their fields. RSVP today for our science communication webinar.

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