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The Science Network Workshop Series

Communication and advocacy trainings for scientists

Please join the Science Network for one of the workshops listed below. These sessions are part of a series offered to Science Network members to provide training opportunities to strengthen your communication and advocacy skills. There are three different levels of workshops that might appeal to you: introductory (101), advanced (202), and early career scientist (ECS).

The following workshops are coming in May:

Upcoming workshops | Future workshops | Past workshops

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Upcoming Workshops

 202: "Following the Rules": How to understand and influence the regulatory process
May 21, 2014, 3:00 p.m. EDT

Presenters: Alden Meyer, Director of Strategy & Policy, UCS; Felicia Marcus, UCS National Advisory Board member, and Board Chair, State Water Resources Control Board, California Environmental Protection Agency; Andrew Rosenberg, Director, The Center for Science and Democracy at UCS

This workshop will give you the knowledge needed to confidently navigate the regulatory process—from the initial proposal of rules or legislation to their implementation—and the opportunities at each stage for scientists to use their expertise to ensure that policies are scientifically sound and actually protect public health and safety. The panel of presenters will offer insight from the perspective of a scientist, advocate, and government official. Attendees will leave this workshop with practical skills for employing their scientific knowledge in ways that will effect policy development and implementation.

 101: Your Elevator Pitch: How to convey what you do and why it matters in a concise and convincing manner
May 29, 2014, 3:00 p.m. EDT

Presenters: Edward Parson, UCS National Advisory Board and Science Network member, and Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law; Jalonne White-Newsome, WE ACT Federal Policy Analyst and Science Network member; Sean Meyer, Nuclear Safety Campaign Manager, UCS

From the traditional elevator pitch to quick phone calls with policy makers, scientists must be able to represent their work and its importance in a quick yet impactful way. This workshop will arm scientists with the skills to have effective short conversations with a number of audiences. This training will be helpful for all scientists interested in communicating in any public realm, from media pitches to brief telephone conversations with policy makers. The skills discussed in this webinar may be particularly useful for early career scientists interested in networking, social media, and preparing for interviews.

Future Workshops

September 2014:

101: Your Science in Politics: Understanding the policy landscape, how science is used and perceived, and junctures where you can have an influence

202: Testifying in Public Comment Periods and Local Hearings: How to bring scientific knowledge to forefront of the debate

November 2014:

202: Bringing Your Research and Expertise to Life: Visual storytelling and techniques

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