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Science and Democracy Research and Analysis

The starting point for effective action is good information. An important part of our work at the Center for Science and Democracy is research and analysis—reports, case studies, and other publications—on issues of importance to the science/democracy partnership.


Tricks of the Trade: How companies anonymously influence climate policy through their business and trade associations (2014)

Trade groups can use their tremendous resources to influence climate policy decisions without accountability for the companies and other organizations backing them.

More Reports

Toward an Evidence-Based Fracking Debate (2013)

Assessing Trade and Business Groups' Positions on Climate Change (2013)


The Post-Sandy Resilience of Hoboken, NJ (2014)

Strong political leadership, careful consideration of the science, and evidence-based decisions are making a difference in Hoboken's post-Sandy rebuilding. However, sustained leadership and community commitment will be needed to overcome the city's long history of sidelining science.

More Case Studies

Killer Cantaloupes: Ignoring the Science Behind Food Safety (2013)

SARS: A Pandemic Prevented (2013)


Science, Democracy, and Community Decisions on Fracking (2013)

The forum convened leading thinkers from academia, industry, government, non-governmental organizations, and citizen groups to delve into some of the most complex challenges around fracking, centered on the following themes: the current state of the science and knowledge gaps; the current policy and regulatory landscape; and public access to information and civic engagement.

More Forum Proceedings

Improving Citizen Access to Government Scientific Information (2012)

[The] public is dying for truth, they are dying for facts.

—Gina McCarthy

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