The 2016 Center for Science and Democracy Calendar

Each year since 2006, UCS has asked artists all over the United States to give us their creative take on the absurdity of political interference in science. This year we picked six winners from our 2015 editorial cartoon contest and commissioned six previous winners to develop cartoons that shine a light on the importance of defending science in the American democracy. The featured cartoons address a number of topics that are critical to the role of science in policy making—from climate change to endangered species—and in our everyday lives.

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The Winners

We're happy to announce this year's contest winners: Isabella Bannerman (July); Paul Fell (August); Joe Heller (February, December); Dave Stone (June); and Adam Zyglis (November).

The Cartoons

(Click on thumbnail to open high-resolution version.)

January 2016 cartoon by James MacLeod

January: James MacLeod

February 2016 cartoon by Joe Heller

 February: Joe Heller

March 2016 cartoon by Jesse Springer

March: Jesse Springer

April 2016 cartoon by John Klossner

April: John Klossner

May 2016 cartoon by Brian Narelle

May: Brian Narelle

June 2016 cartoon by Dave Stone

June: Dave Stone

July 2016 cartoon by Isabella Bannerman

July: Isabella Bannerman

August 2016 cartoon, by Paul Fell

August: Paul Fell

September 2016 cartoon by Justin Bilicki

September: Justin Bilicki

October 2016 cartoon by Kevin Cannon

October: Kevin Cannon

November 2016 cartoon by Adam Zyglis

November: Adam Zyglis

December 2016 cartoon by Joe Heller

December: Joe Heller



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