Standing Up for Science during the Trump Administration

Science. Evidence. Fact and reason.

They form the very foundation of a strong democracy—indeed, of America itself. They protect our health. They keep our communities, families, and children safe. And they are at risk.

But Americans will not sit passively by as our health, safety, and democracy are threatened. We will not be silent in the face of the Trump administration. We will stand strong for science.

The Union of Concerned Scientists will be a leader in this fight. We hope you will stand with us. 

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Take action! Stand up for science today. 

Show your support for science, facts, and reason. Advocate for solutions that prioritize science-based decision making. Raise your voice for science today! 

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A watchdog for science and democracy

UCS is keeping a close eye on the Trump administration and the 115th Congress, calling out abuses of science and threats to public safeguards as they happen. 

Follow our blog for the latest on the Trump administration, including these notable recent posts: 

For more, see Our January 2017 report, Preserving Scientific Integrity in Federal Policymaking, which reviews progress on scientific integrity in the Obama administration and calls on the Trump administration to continue that progress.

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Our experts and scientists regularly weigh in with insights, analysis, and commentary on important developments and topics in the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the nominations of Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency; Ryan Zinke for the Department of Interior; Rick Perry for the Department of Energy; and Sonny Perdue for the Department of Agriculture. 

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