How Clean is 
Your Electric Vehicle?

Electric cars tend to produce less carbon pollution than gas-powered ones—but just how much less? Enter your ZIP code below to see how different types of vehicles stack up in your area. Entering a make, model, and year will narrow results to a specific EV model.

What is CO2e? Shorthand for “carbon dioxide equivalent,” CO2e is a standard unit for measuring all of a vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions. A higher number of CO2e emissions = more global warming pollution.

How exact is this tool? The exact emissions from charging an EV depend on the mix of electricity sources used by your individual utility. Here, we average those emissions at a regional level and use your ZIP code to identify what region you’re in. If you charge with renewable energy (like wind or solar), your driving is virtually emissions free.

For more details on our methodology — or to learn more about electric vehicles — read our FAQ >

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