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A comprehensive resource on state-level renewable electricity standard policy

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About the toolkit

About the toolkit


The primary goal of a renewable electricity standard is straightforward and simple: to promote a cleaner, more sustainable power supply by supporting the development of renewable energy resources. Unfortunately, the standards themselves can be quite complex. The design and implementation details—from the percentage of renewable energy required to the types of electric utilities that are affected to the very definition of renewable energy—can vary widely from state to state. Of the 28 states that currently have standards (along with the District of Columbia), no two policies are alike.

This toolkit provides comprehensive summary-level and in-depth design and implementation information on each state standard. Our tools can help you wade through the murky details and find answers to the questions that are important to you.

Resources available in the toolkit:

Overview. Summary-level maps and graphics including renewable energy requirements, a timeline of state standards adoption, projections of renewable energy supported by state standards, and more.

Detailed state summaries. A comprehensive breakdown of authorizing legislation and regulation, as well as the key design and implementation elements of each state standard.

Standards search. A searchable database of 34 renewable electricity standard design and implementation elements (under seven broad topics). Find out how one state has dealt with a specific implementation issue or compare the approaches taken by every state.

More resources coming soon:

This toolkit will continue to improve and expand over time as we include more resources. Below, we describe two features that UCS is currently working on and plans to add in the near future.

Best practices. A discussion, by search category, of the lessons learned from those states that have implemented a renewable electricity standard and the best practices for ensuring a successful policy.

Model language. Model legislative language, by search category, that can be used to develop an effective renewable electricity standard.

In addition find more resources and analyses on state renewable electricity standards pulled together by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) at http://www.nrel.gov/applying_technologies/scepa_rps.html


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