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Smart Energy Solutions

We need smart energy solutions that provide reliable and affordable electricity, contribute to a strong economy, and do not compromise our health or our climate.  No single energy technology can accomplish all of this. The answer lies instead in a diverse energy strategy that focuses on practical, cost-effective solutions with the greatest potential to move the country toward a clean, sustainable energy future.

Increase Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is reliable, affordable, and beneficial for our health, our economy, and our climate. The United States has vast wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable resources to reliably meet our energy needs well into the future.

UCS supports a range of initiatives to speed the deployment of the most promising and cost-effective renewable technologies.

Decrease Coal Use

Coal is our dirtiest source of energy. It releases more harmful pollutants into the atmosphere than any other energy source. It produces a quarter of the nation’s global warming emissions and twice the global warming emissions of natural gas per unit of electricity generated.

If we are going to effectively reduce air pollution and address global warming, we need to wean ourselves off coal in the coming decades. This means shutting down the oldest, dirtiest coal plants now—and not building new ones to replace them.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If we use energy more efficiently, we need less of it in the first place. Improving the efficiency of our power generation—along with increased efficiency in buildings, appliances, and electronic devices—can continue to provide us the same level of services, comforts, and conveniences, while creating significant energy savings that would allow us to safely and reliably shut down old, dirty power plants.

Smart government policy, along with individual consumer behavior, can significantly increase the nation’s energy efficiency.

Strengthen Policy

Clean energy technology provides us with solutions that move America toward a safer, healthier energy future—but we need smart government policies to effectively implement them. With the support of our members, UCS experts work to establish practical, cost-effective energy solutions at the state, regional, and federal levels.

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