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What the Building Community Can Do

Town Planners

  • Pay close attention to the layout of building lots to allow for solar orientation and energy-efficient landscaping.
  • Suggest the redesign of new developments and renovations that do not consider the simple principles of renewable energy.
  • Assess how people will get to and from the development, or how effectively job and workplace opportunities are provided within the development.

Building Inspectors

  • Educate builders and planners about the ideas presented in this paper. Your efforts will increase local expectations for energy performance.
  • Enforce energy-efficiency standards.


  • Develop energy-efficient buildings that take advantage of renewable energy opportunities. Doing so will increase the marketability of your product, help your customers save money, and contribute to a healthier environment.

Real Estate Brokers

  • Promote energy-efficient buildings by educating the buyer and builder about the benefits of saving energy.
  • Highlight desirable energy features when marketing buildings or developments.
  • Emphasize the attractiveness and comfort of buildings that use renewable energy.


  • Educate building tradespeople about the advantages of renewable energy technologies and practices.
  • Work with tradespeople who promote environmentally responsible building.
  • Go beyond the energy codes in your community.


  • Exceed local building codes in terms of insulation, windows, mechanical units, and construction quality.
  • Educate owners, architects, inspectors, and others involved in the building trades.
  • Use durable, healthy building materials that come from local sources.
  • Minimize waste on the construction site.


  • Become knowledgeable about design practices that incorporate renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Educate clients and builders.


  • Provide energy-efficient, healthy materials.
  • Work to create a market for recycled products and renewable energy.
  • Promote interest in energy efficiency with educational displays and special incentives. 
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