Wind Power in New England Factsheet Series (2007)

Wind Power in New England is a series of fact sheets that describes the economic and environmental benefits wind power can bring to New England residents and businesses, and the important role it can play in reducing the impact of global warming on our ecosystems and communities.

Windpower Overview

An Overview
This fact sheet offers a summary of wind power’s economic and environmental benefits (the fact sheets listed below describe these benefits in more detail), as well as information on wind siting and permitting.


Windpower Impacts

 The Impact of Our Energy Choices
We have many resource options for generating electricity in the United States. This fact sheet describes the importance of weighing the environmental, health, and community benefits of energy resources, in addition to cost, when choosing energy resources.


Windpower Solutions

 Wind Energy: A Climate Solution
Electricity generation is the leading U.S. contributor to global warming, but increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy generation can ensure we meet our energy needs while ensuring a healthy climate for future generations. This fact sheet describes how wind power can reduce global warming emissions in New England.

Windpower Benefits

 Benefits to Local Communities
This fact sheet outlines the many ways in which wind power provides environmental and economic benefits to local communities, and describes how New England’s current wind power projects have become a source of local pride.

 Windpower Pollution

Reducing Pollution from the Electricity Sector
Burning fossil fuels generates air pollution that is harmful for both human health and the environment. This fact sheet shows how increasing our use of wind power and other renewable energy sources can help reduce the need for electricity from more polluting sources.

Last revised date: April 1, 2007

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