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Our Recent Clean Energy Accomplishments

UCS has led the way toward a renewable energy future, combining cutting edge research with informed advocacy and activism.

Demonstrated the high cost of continuing with old coal plants.

Our report, Ripe for Retirement: The Case for Closing America's Costliest Coal Plants compared the costs of continuing to operate old coal plants with those of renewable alternatives and energy efficiency. Our conclusion—that nearly 60 gigawatts of existing coal power is uneconomic and should be retired—demonstrates a significant opportunity to accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Helped maximize benefits from California's renewable electrity standards.

For over a decade, UCS has been a leader in advocating for an aggressive California renewable energy standard. In a bold move, the landmark legislation—often referred to as the 33 percent Renewables Portfolio Standard—was signed into law on April 12, 2011, requiring utilities to generate a national-best 33 percent of their power from clean resources.

Moreover, UCS helped ensure that Californians will receive the maximum benefit from their state's renewable electricity standard. Our report The Clean Energy Race showed how California's publicly owned utilities can meet that target.

Revealed the coming clash between energy choices and dwindling water supplies.

Through our groundbreaking Energy and Water in a Warming World initiative, UCS is collaborating with a team of independent experts to raise awareness of the growing threat America's power sector poses to vital freshwater supplies. In 2012, UCS continued to document the collision between competing demands in several seminal reports and fact sheets.

Following Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plantsthe first report ever to assess both the impact of power plants on water supplies and the quality of information available to make water-smart energy decisions, UCS released an infographic highlighting electricity water collisions to date.

Support our work.

For more than 20 years, UCS has worked with leading experts to educate U.S. decision makers and the public about clean, renewable energy and the implementation of practical solutions at an international, national, regional, and state level. You can help support this work:


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