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Clean Vehicles: Scientific Solutions For Cutting U.S. Oil Use

Reducing U.S. oil use offers enormous benefits to our health, economy, and environment. The practical Half the Oil plan makes it possible through increased fuel efficiency, better biofuels, and the next generation of advanced vehicles.

The technology is already here. The benefits of clean vehicle and fuel technologies are being successfully demonstrated on a large scale in locations as diverse as Europe, China, and Brazil.

Now is the time for the United States to invest in these technologies—creating new jobs, saving consumers billions of dollars, and safeguarding public health and the environment.

What's NEW

REPORT: Farm-based Energy
Crop leftovers and manure can provide clean-burning fuel and electricity.

VIDEO: Military and Oil Use
The U.S. military uses more oil than anyone else—but they're clean vehicle leaders, too.

REPORT: 2014 Auto Rankings
Strong standards have improved the environmental performance of all automakers.

FACTSHEET: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
How do hydrogen-powered vehicles work, and what benefits do they offer?

Millions of Americans could use today's electric vehicles.

INFOGRAPHIC: Better Biofuels
Better biofuels benefit the economy and the environment.

INFOGRAPHIC: EVs and Oil Savings
EVs play an important role in reducing oil use.

REPORT: Half the Oil
A plan to cut projected U.S. oil use in half in 20 years.


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We must act now. Our cars and trucks consume more oil than all other sources combined. America's reliance on oil creates pollution, worsens climate change, and puts a drag on the economy—and the costs and risks will only intensify as oil becomes more difficult to acquire.

We need strong, forward-thinking leadership decisions that support the growth and development of clean vehicle and fuel technologies—and move the country toward a cleaner, safer transportation future.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

If we burn less gas, we need less oil. Increasing vehicle fuel efficiency offers the single greatest opportunity for reducing our oil consumption.
More on improving fuel efficiency >

Invest in Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Hybrid, electric, and fuel cell technologies are increasingly available to consumers and offer long-term solutions to reduce oil use. To demonstrate the potential of these technologies, UCS developed the Model E electric vehicle plans.
More on advanced vehicle technologies >

Produce Clean Biofuels

Biofuels offer a potential low-carbon, low-pollution alternative to conventional gasoline. Corn-based ethanol currently dominates the market but much better, cleaner alternatives exist, such as cellulosic biofuels made from wood, grass, and even garbage.
More on producing clean biofuels >

Clean Up Freight Transportation

Highway freight transportation consumes a prodigious and growing amount of oil—and lagging emissions standards have contributed to a disproportionate share of air pollution from these medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Clean vehicle technology can dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of these vehicles, significantly reducing diesel use and the pollution it creates. More on freight transportation >

You Can Help

- Urge President Obama to fulfill the commitments made in his Climate Action Plan to put us on a path to make oil savings a reality.

- Maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by performing regular maintenance and developing fuel-efficient driving habits. More on improving gas mileage.

- When it comes time to buy a new vehicle, purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid or other clean vehicle. Learn more about advanced vehicle technologies.

Image: Flickr, Chrysler Group
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