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Are You Ready For a Model-E?

Test your knowledge of electric vehicles and find out if you’re a hybrid or a Hummer!

It’s official: Advanced electrified drivetrain technology is entering the market, making electric cars more widely available to everyone. These electric-drive vehicles —hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell electric cars—could be the start of a revolution that helps to dramatically cut smog-forming pollution, reduce U.S. global warming emissions 80 percent or more, and effectively end our oil addiction by 2050.

So are you ready for this electrifying future? Take this fun quiz on electric-drive vehicles and find out whether you’re a hybrid…or a Hummer. Then challenge your friends to be part of this new effort to make sure electric-drive vehicles are a key part of a real solution to America’s addiction to oil.

Good luck!

Question - Not Required - Which vehicle goes from 0-60 miles per hour the fastest?

Question - Not Required - True or False: Today's battery electric cars are emission-free.

Question - Not Required - A key element needed to produce electricity in a fuel cell vehicle is:

Question - Not Required - Which Model E is most likely to produce the fewest global warming emissions?

Question - Not Required - If UCS had to choose one electric-drive technology as "The Best Environmental Solution," that technology would be:

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