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UCS Blueprints for Better Vehicles

UCS vehicle blueprints demonstrate how existing technology can be used to increase the fuel efficiency and safety of our nation’s vehicles. From better truck design to re-imagining the family minivan to building a better SUV, UCS blueprints provide guidance to policy makers and auto manufacturers as they develop the next generation of America’s vehicles.

The UCS Model E: The Evolution of a Revolution

UCS has demonstrated the potential of electric drive-train technology with its Model E electric vehicle plans, which feature a range of clean car technologies that significantly increase fuel efficiency, decrease global warming emissions, and improve air quality.

Learn more about the Model E and electric vehicle technology >

The UCS Convoy: Designing a Better Tractor-Trailer

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for only four percent of vehicles on U.S. highways, but about 20 percent of the diesel and gasoline U.S. vehicles consume. Improvements in tractor-trailer design could reduce fuel consumption 35 percent by 2017—a blueprint for the UCS Convoy shows how.

Learn more about the UCS Convoy (PDF) >

The UCS Vanguard: Rethinking the Minivan

The Vanguard is a minivan blueprint developed by UCS engineers that reduces global warming emissions simply by using existing technologies and fuels. The Vanguard saves money at the pump while maintaining the levels of safety and performance that drivers expect. Its technology is readily incorporated into other vehicles as well, providing the means to lower emissions across all vehicle classes.

Learn more about the UCS Vanguard >

The UCS Guardian: Building a Better SUV

The sale of gas-guzzling SUVs boomed during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their poor fuel economy and safety record prompted UCS to develop this 2003 blueprint for a safer, more fuel-efficient SUV.

Learn more about building a better SUV >

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