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The Half the Oil Plan (2013)

A realistic plan to cut projected U.S. oil use in half over 20 years.

WATCH THE VIDEO: See the Half the Oil Plan in action.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a practical plan to dramatically reduce U.S. oil consumption, save consumers billions of dollars, and position the United States as a global leader in transportation technology.

The UCS Half the Oil plan offers a clear, achievable roadmap to cut U.S. oil use and move America towards a cleaner, healthier, and more secure future.

Here’s how it works.

Oil Savings Through Efficiency and Innovation

If we do nothing to reduce U.S. oil use, we will be on track to consume 22 million barrels of oil every day by 2035.

We can cut this projected oil use in half by tapping into efficient technologies and putting innovative solutions to work—saving more than 11 million barrels every day by 2035.

Other countries and industries around the world are already moving ahead with these practical oil-savings solutions. Now is the time for the United States to invest in these technologies here at home.

Getting the Most out of Every Barrel: Oil Savings through Efficiency

The Half the Oil Plan starts by using technologies available today to improve the efficiency of our vehicles, homes, and businesses—common-sense solutions that not only reduce oil use, but also save money for consumers and businesses.

Oil Savings Strategies Oil Savings
(millions of barrels per day) in 2035*

Double the fuel efficiency of new cars and light trucks by 2025. Learn more.

4 mbd
Double the fuel efficiency of most commercial vehicles (delivery trucks, buses, and big rigs) by 2030. Learn more. 1 mbd
Make planes, trains, and ships more fuel-efficient. Learn more. 0.5 mbd
Retrofit buildings to use less energy, make boilers more efficient, and adopt substitutes for oil to heat our homes and manufacture goods. Learn more. 2 mbd

Total Oil Savings through Efficiency: Nearly 8 million barrels per day by 2035

Cleaner Fuels and a Smarter Transportation System: Oil Savings through Innovation

Scaling up technologies such as electric vehicles and better biofuels while investing in smarter transportation systems will give consumers and companies more choices and establish America as a world leader in transportation technology.

Oil Savings Strategies Oil Savings
(millions of barrels per day) in 2035*
Unleash the full potential of electric vehicles so that more than 40 percent of new vehicles sold by 2035 run on electricity instead of oil. Learn more. 1.5 mbd
Produce 40 billion gallons of better biofuels from non-food sources like perennial grasses and waste products. Learn more. 1.5 mbd
Expand transportation options. Learn more. 1.5 mbd

Total Oil Savings through Innovation: More than 4 million barrels per day by 2035

*NOTE: Values may not sum to total as all oil savings are rounded to the nearest 0.5 mbd.

You Can Help Turn the Plan into Reality

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