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Half the Oil: A Plan to Cut Projected U.S. Oil Use in Half in 20 Years

We can protect consumers, the climate, and our environment from the growing costs of our oil use. 

How? It all comes down to one simple fact:

Using less is the real oil solution.

By cutting our projected oil use in half, we can save money, protect our health, and lower global warming emissions—all with solutions available today. 

We can do it! The Half the Oil Plan shows how.

Join the campaign today — and together we'll move the country forward toward a Half the Oil future.

Take Action! Cutting Oil Use Is the Real Solution

Urge President Obama to reduce oil use.
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See the Half the Oil Plan in Action

Using less oil is practical, achievable, and benefits us all. Yet one powerful group is intent on blocking progress. Who’s standing in the way? See for yourself.

How Does the Half the Oil Plan Work?

The Half the Oil Plan reduces oil use through a mixture of current and near-term technology, as well as practical policy solutions.

Specifically, the plan works by:

It's all possible with technologies already available or just around the corner. Learn more here.

Join the Campaign. Take Action Now!

  •  Urge the President to follow through on the commitments he made in his Climate Action Plan.
  • Visit our What You Can Do page to discover more ways to voice your support for Half the Oil solutions and learn how you can reduce your own personal oil use.
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