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Clean Trucks California Campaign

Trucks are a significant contributor to air pollution in California, where residents breathe some of the unhealthiest air in the country.  Trucks and buses are responsible for 40 percent of the toxic particulate matter (PM) released into California’s air every year from diesel engines. They emit a whopping 30 percent of all the smog-forming nitrogen oxides (NOx), a key ingredient in smog formation.  In addition, diesel trucks and buses are responsible for 20 percent of global warming pollution from the transportation sector in California, the largest source of climate change emissions in the state.

Tackling the pollution from thousands of diesel trucks is no easy task, but California is charging ahead with new rules, adopted in December 2008, to reduce smog forming nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and global warming pollution from one of the biggest polluters in the state. Ensuring the successful implementation of these measures over the next decade will be critical to cleaning up the air in California and meeting the state’s 2020 global warming pollution goals.  

What’s New

California Truck Pollution and Public Health
Learn about the health and economic impacts of trucking in California and the state's new regulations to reduce pollution and protect the public.

Heavy-Duty Trucks and Global Warming 
Fact sheet: Greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty trucks and California's new regulations to reduce global warming pollution from big rigs.

Reducing Global Warming Pollution: Technology Options for Tractor-Trailers
Read about the technologies available today to help reduce the pollution from diesel trucks that causes global warming. 


Learn more about the health impacts from diesel pollution.  Read UCS’s Sick of Soot report on the impact of diesel pollution in California and an analysis of construction equipment pollution in Digging Up Trouble.

In Delivering the Green, a new report from UCS, learn how technology available today can help reduce harmful emissions from tractor-trailers that cause global warming and smog.

Learn more about California’s plan to reduce cancer risk from diesel pollution and California’s clean diesel incentive programs.

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