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Our Recent Clean Vehicles Accomplishments

UCS has helped shape historic new fuel economy standards, unveiled revolutionary new vehicle designs, and introduced a plan to cut U.S. oil use in half.

Introduced a plan to cut projected U.S. oil consumption in half within the next 20 years.

Through improved efficiency, low-carbon biofuels, vehicle electrification, and better transportation choices, our visionary Half the Oil Plan would cut projected U.S. oil use by 50 percent by 2030. We succeeded in incorporating its key principles into proposed Senate legislation.

Secured adoption of landmark fuel efficiency standards.

UCS lent key support to a second round of federal clean car standards that will nearly double the fuel economy of new cars and light trucks—and cut their global warming emissions in half—by 2025.

Showed why electric cars are a good choice for reducing carbon emissions.

Our groundbreaking report State of Charge allows consumers to compare electric and conventional vehicles' emissions, and how those vary by geographic region. The first of its kind, this report helps consumers make informed, carbon-friendly decisions when purchasing their next vehicle.

Preserved biofuel tax credits.

Thanks to UCS analysts and activists, we helped preserve biofuel tax credits that will help the industry produce its first billion gallons from crops like grasses that can be raised sustainably, rather than resource-intensive food crops like corn.

Support our work.

UCS experts work to support policies that encourage the growth and development of clean vehicle and fuel technologies. You can help support this work:

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