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What You Can Do

Reducing U.S. oil use offers enormous benefits to our health, economy, and environment—and you can help.

Clean vehicle and fuel technologies provide the foundation for Half the Oil, our plan to deeply reduce U.S oil use—but we can't do it alone.

Check out the actions below to see how you can help move America toward a cleaner, healthier, Half the Oil future.

Spread the word >
Support HDV fuel efficiency >
Support electric vehicles >
Support better biofuels >
Reduce your personal oil use >

Spread the Word: Using Less is the Real Oil Solution

  • Urge the President to follow through on the commitments he made in his Climate Action Plan. Oil is the top contributor to global warming pollution in the United States, but steps like improving the efficiency of heavy-duty trucks and moving our transportation fleet to clean, sustainable fuels can help prevent the worst impacts of climate change, and protect our health, economy, and security.
  • Fight back against Big Oil's attempts to block progress. The oil industry is trying to block standards that would reduce car pollution and require cleaner fuels. Help fight back—urge the EPA administration to make cleaner gasoline a top priority.
  • Join our growing team of experts. Are you working each day to make oil savings solutions a reality? We need your voice to educate policymakers, the media, and the public about how we can make even more progress! Visit our Oil Solutions at Work page and share your experience and expertise.
  • Share the Half the Oil Plan with your networks on Facebook or Twitter and help build the Half the Oil rallying cry. 

Support the Next Big Step in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Heavy-duty vehicles (such as garbage trucks and big-rigs) account for 25 percent of the fuel consumed on U.S. roads. Although the first-ever fuel efficiency and emissions standards were finalized for HDVs in 2011, there's still plenty of room for progress.

As key decision-makers start talking about the next steps toward a more efficient truck fleet, learn more about heavy-duty trucks, the success of current standards and opportunities for further oil savings.

Unleash the Full Potential of Electric Vehicles

Ensure your city or state is ready for a clean electric vehicle (EV) future. As more EVs hit the roads, every city and state can invest in infrastructure and incentives for EV ownership and continue ramping up renewable energy, such as wind and solar, to maximize the climate benefits of EVs.

Urge your governor or mayor to unleash the full potential of EVs across the United States > 

Encourage the Development of Better Biofuels

Clean biofuels made from non-food ("cellulosic") sources have the potential to grow to commercial scale, displacing dirty oil and corn ethanol.

As cellulosic biofuel facilities start production, it’s time to spread the word that the clean fuel future is on the way. Check out our infographic and biofuels facility Google map to see where clean fuels are being produced today, and share these resources with your networks. 

Reduce Your Personal Oil Use

Maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, check out these six easy steps to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy today.

Buy a fuel-efficient hybrid or electric vehicle the next time you are in the market. For an overview of all electric vehicles currently available, check out our electric vehicle timeline.

Get there greener on your next trip. Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, make your next travel decision climate-friendly & oil saving. Our report, Getting There Greener, shows you how.

Want to take action on other policy issues? Learn about ways to effectively engage policymakers at our Activist Resource Center.

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