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Where Does Your Gas Money Go?

We don't have the oil companies' advertising budget - that's where you come in!

Oil companies are using a portion of their profits to improve their public image, arguing that their record-breaking earnings benefit the millions of Americans who own stock in oil companies—so go ahead—fill up your gas tank and help out your fellow citizen’s retirement portfolio. But as our analysis shows, the ‘average’ ExxonMobil shareholder gets far less than a penny back from their annual gas expenditures. Even ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who owns 1.7 million shares of company stock, would get only 34 cents back from a full year of purchasing gas only from his own company stations. 

The good news is that whether you are an average driver or an oil company CEO, reducing your own oil use is always a smart fiscal strategy. For instance, if you invested $3,500 in purchasing the Ford Fusion SE Hybrid instead of the conventional model, you’d save $9,000 in fuel costs. Numbers like this add up. And, while we don’t have the same marketing budgets as the oil companies, we do have dedicated supporters like you.

Help us start a REAL conversation on oil spending and oil solutions: check out our new Where Your Gas Money Goes report and share it with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook using the links below. And if you're not on Twitter or Facebook, you can help spread the word here.

Together we can cut projected oil use in half over the next 20 years, but we need a strong and informed chorus of voices to stop oil companies from blocking progress.

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