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The 6 "Rs" of Clean Diesel

There are a number of ways to cost-effectively reduce emissions from construction and other diesel off-road equipment, allowing for flexibility in meeting diesel pollution reduction targets.

Refuel. Switching to cleaner fuels such as alternative diesel fuels or ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel can achieve modest reductions in pollutants. These fuels can also facilitate the use of advanced retrofit technologies, resulting in even less pollution.

Repower. The body or chassis of some equipment can last through many decades of use, beyond the life of the original engine. Installing a new low-emission engine in an older chassis can allow the machine to run for many more years.

Replace. If equipment is old and near the end of its life, replacing it with a new lower-emission model ahead of schedule can result in substantial emission reductions.

Rebuild or repair. Emissions gradually increase over the life of an engine. Performing routine maintenance and periodic engine rebuilds can keep emission rates at or near original levels.

Reduce idling. Idling equipment is not only polluting, but also a waste of fuel. Limiting idle time can save money by reducing fuel usage and wear and tear on the engine.

Retrofit. On equipment that still has some useful life left, engines can be retrofitted with an emission control device. Retrofit technologies are available for a variety of applications.


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