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Healthy Food and Farm Solutions

Modern sustainable farming methods, which maintain the health and productivity of farmland, can (and do) produce abundant food without the pitfalls of the post-World War II industrial agriculture model. Local and regional food systems can help make fresh, healthy food available to everyone. And forward-looking policies can help these innovative practices grow and prosper.

Here's what we need to do make healthy food and farm solutions take root:

Advance Sustainable Agriculture

The farmers of the future will use sustainable practices—such as cover crops, smart pastures, and organic pest management—that get the most out of the land while preserving or even improving the health of soil, water, and local ecosystems.

And the future, increasingly, is now. Growing numbers of American farmers are using sustainable practices to grow healthy foods—and thriving businesses. But in a food system geared to serve the needs of industrial agriculture, these farmers often face an uphill battle. Research, incentives, and  other policy initiatives to help farmers adopt and expand sustainable methods should be a national priority.

Expand Healthy Food Access For All

We know Americans need to eat healthier food—and that starts with producing more of it.

But growing healthy food using sustainable methods is only half the equation. We also need to make sure that this food is available and affordable—especially in lower-income communities, which are disproportionately affected by the health impacts of the industrial food system. UCS experts are showing how local and regional food systems, food equity initiatives, and other innovative approaches can bridge the farm-to-plate gap and ensure that all Americans have access to the fruits of farmers' labor.

Strengthen Healthy Farm Policy

The government's role in agriculture has increasingly become part of the problem—subsidizing the wrong foods, steering research dollars toward the interests of industrial agriculture, and creating roadblocks for farmers who grow fruits and vegetables or use sustainable practices.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Policy solutions that will help farmers feed a healthy America are on the table, and UCS is helping to win them the support they need to become reality.

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