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Our Recent Food and Agriculture Accomplishments

UCS highlighted the economic and health benefits of farmers markets, outlined ways the beef industry can reduce its environmental impacts, and spurred progress against the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture.

Showed how promoting healthy food and farms can bring us more fruits and vegetables—and jobs.

Our report Ensuring the Harvest shows how current crop insurance and credit policies create obstacles for farmers who want to grow fruits and vegetables, and how removing these obstacles could increase production of healthy, sustainable foods. Also, our report Cream of the Crop presents evidence that organic dairy farms are better job-creation engines than their conventional counterparts.

Countered misleading agribusiness claims with scientific evidence.

Our report High and Dry debunked industry claims that genetically engineered crops are necessary to feed the world in an age of increasingly severe droughts. We also showed that GE crops have failed to outperform less expensive alternatives, and we highlighted Monsanto's role in promoting superweeds and damaging monocultural practices, both on the web and in a series of advertisements.

Gained ground in the battle against antibiotic misuse.

UCS has long been a leading voice in the fight against misuse of antibiotics in food production. This year saw legal victories that will help reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance by suspending use of two antibiotics in animal agriculture, and by giving citizens more say in Food and Drug Administration decision making.

Support our work.

UCS has been a leader in science-based advocacy for safer, more sustainable food production. You can help support this work:


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