What You Can Do: Help Make Healthy Food and Farms a Reality

Take action to promote sustainable agriculture and make healthy food available for all


Our food system is broken: federal farm policy subsidizes the production of crops that largely end up as cheap, processed junk food instead of supporting the healthy foods we should be eating. This approach is making us ill and harming our environment.


But the good news is that there's a better way. UCS experts have shown how a combination of forward-looking policy, science-based farming practices, and citizen action can help shift U.S. agriculture onto a healthier, more sustainable path that's better for farmers and consumers.

You can help make it happen! Take action today on any one (or more!) of the following items and help make healthy food and farms a reality.

Tell the Secretary of Agriculture to Prioritize Healthy Food and Farm Policies

The Farm Bill, a $100 billion legislative package re-authorized every five years, plays a major role in determining what foods are available to U.S. consumers and how those foods are grown. The current version, passed in early 2014, contains some important victories for healthy food access and sustainable agriculture, but much will depend on the bill's implementation. Tell Secretary Vilsack that healthy food and farms matter to us!

Support Your Local Farmer!

The evidence is in: locally and regionally grown food is good for our economy as well as our bodies. So you can make a difference by buying food from farmers markets, CSAs, roadside stands and other local and regional food sources. And after you've enjoyed your delicious, locally grown meal, thank your farmer!

Set the Record Straight on Monsanto

Agribusiness giant Monsanto touts its products as indispensable tools in the struggle to meet the food needs of a growing world population. In reality, less costly alternatives are available that can do just as good a job of feeding the world without producing some of the serious problems, like herbicide-resistant "superweeds," that Monsanto's products have caused. Find out how Monsanto fails at sustainable agriculture and then set the record straight!

Be a Climate-Friendly Gardener

Gardeners can not only grapple with the effects of climate change—they can help fight it! Home gardeners, like farmers, can make choices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve storage of carbon by adopting climate-friendly practices. Read this guide to help you get started.

Spread the Word: We Can Build a Better Food System

  • Share our Healthy Food and Farms campaign with your networks on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Join our growing team of experts. Are you working on sustainable agriculture or healthy food solutions? We need your voice to educate policymakers, the media, and the public about how we can make even more progress! Join the UCS Science Network and share your experience and expertise.
  • Tell your community about the food system solutions we're working toward with a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Contact your legislators and tell them to support healthy food & farm policies. Learn about ways to effectively engage policymakers.

We Need Your Support
to Make Change Happen

We can transform the U.S. agricultural system to prioritize investments in healthy foods and farms —but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.