Tell Us Your Antibiotic-Resistance Story

Have you had an experience with antibiotic resistance?


Help UCS in its campaign to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics. Become one of the many voices speaking out on the consequences of misusing antibiotics.

UCS is looking for people who would like to tell their stories about how antibiotic resistance has affected their or their family's  lives. Have you had an antibiotic-resistant strain of food poisoning? Was a hospital stay extended because of complications from a drug-resistant bacterial infection? Have you ever received multiple antibiotics to treat a drug-resistant infection? Are you a health-care worker who has seen antibiotic resistance limit the effectiveness of antibiotics?

Tell your story

By telling your personal story, you put a name and face on the problem of antibiotic-resistant infections. You can also make the seriousness of the issue real to others.

UCS will keep your name and any information you send us completely confidential. We may contact you for further information or to discuss the possibility of telling your story to a wider audience.

Where possible, include such information as name and age of the person who was ill, cause, and where and when the illness occurred. All fields are required.


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