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Regional Effects of Global Warming

Climate change is real and already under way. Although this is a global phenomenon, it will have very specific consequences for the different regions, states, cities, and neighborhoods where we live.

To help raise awareness about the local effects of global warming and the costs of inaction, below are a series of regional analyses that explain: 

  • How temperature, precipitation, and other regional climate variables could change
  • What these changes would mean for local communities, economies, resources, and ecosystems

Analyses for these regions help lay the groundwork for positive solutions that can reduce our heat-trapping emissions and slow global warming.


Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast (2007) Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast (2006) Confronting Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region (2003)
Our Changing Climate: Assessing Changes to California (2004) Confronting Climate Change in the Gulf Coast Region (2001)
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