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The Weight of the Evidence

Promoting Climate Science for the Public Good

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Meet America's climate scientists: A UCS Series

For centuries science has made the world better for all of us. It's made our food, our air, and our water safer. It's made our lives more productive and efficient. Science has brought us many of the conveniences we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

But recently, science, and especially climate science, has become a political football. Organized interests seeking to delay desperately needed actions to reduce heat-trapping emissions have manufactured controversies and misrepresented the facts.

Such tactics are meant to sow confusion and lull the public into a dangerous complacency. But we will not let those who deny and distort climate science succeed.

UCS is leading a campaign to allow the voices of climate scientists to be heard and to educate the public about the overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence for human-caused global warming. To accomplish this, we are taking a number of steps, including the following:

  • Working with climate scientists from around the country to disprove fallacies and educate the public about the real facts on global warming.
  • Developing and distributing clear, accessible information to help the media and the public understand the science behind our changing climate.
  • Building American pride in the dedicated researchers who are working to understand and adapt to the consequences of our changing climate.
  • Partnering with Americans from all walks of life to set the record straight on global warming pollution and the urgent need to rein it in.  

What You Can Do

  • Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas at  
  • If you are a scientist, we have many ways that you can get involved. Learn more by contacting Jean Sideris at   
  • Tell Rupert Murdoch: Get the Facts Straight. Send a message today.


Meet America's climate scientists: A UCS Series

Wenhong Li Allays Confusion Regarding Weather and Climate
Bethany Bradley Examines How Global Warming Encourages Invasive Plants
Julienne Stroeve Measures Fast-Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Thomas Knutson Studies the Effect of Global Warming on Hurricanes
John Guinotte Studies the Effect of Carbon on Coral
Richard Seager Warns of Impending Drought
Inez Fung Hunts for Carbon
Benjamin Santer Takes the Fingerprints of Global Warming
Maureen Raymo Thinks Like a Planet
David Inouye Tracks Climate's Effect on Wildflowers 
Warren Washington Wrote the Book on Climate Modeling 
Camille Parmesan Studies the Silent Harbingers of Global Warming
Cameron Wake Seeks Secrets of Climate Change in Ice 
Scott Luthcke Weighs Greenland
Keith Cherkauer Tracks Surface Water Flow on a Warming Planet
Julia Cole Unearths Rock-Hard Evidence of Climate Change 


Latest Developments in Climate Science: 

Taking Stock of the Summer of Extremes: Thousands of cattle dead from heat wave, despite heroic efforts by farmers.

Confirming the Link: Warming Temperatures Drive Up Pollen Production and Allergies

Project BudBurst and other science projects show that citizen scientists broaden the scope of climate research and public understanding

Similar to Tobbaco Lobbyists, Climate Science Doubt-Mongerers May Be Reaching Their Limit

Want to Stand Up for Climate Science? We're Doing It

New Research: Global Warming is Burning Up Forests and Coral Reefs

Spring's Domino Effect
Early spring throws natural and man-made systems "out of kilter"

Seen and Heard in 2010: Stronger Storms
But can we honestly call them "natural" hazards?

Climate Change and Mental Health:
Extreme Weather Takes a Toll

Climate Change is Hazardous to Your Health, Scientists Say
CDC, NOAA, University Scientists Speak at UCS Press Event

Small Creatures and Climate Change
How Warming Can "Shuffle the Deck" of Creatures That Thrive

Preparing for Global Warming's Rising Tides
How climate change research on sea-level rise helps communities

Why releasing carbon into the atmosphere is like filling a water balloon
Understanding the Urgency of Climate Change

Protecting the Freedom of Scientific Discovery

UCS calls on VA attorney general to stop harassing climate scientists
  Virginia scientists letter: 
  Stop the Attorney General from Harassing Scientists 
  Background and Press:
  Timeline of the investigation and UCS's efforts
  Judge Dismisses Cuccinelli's Investigation of Michael Mann
  UVa Will Fight Cuccinelli's Misguided Investigation of Climate Scientist
  VA Attorney General’s Misguided Investigation
  VA Attorney General Cuccinelli Harasses Climate Scientist

Previous Activities and Articles:

Trick or Deet!
Mosquito dangers thrive in autumn's climate 

Drought in Russia, Floods in Pakistan and China, and High Temps in the U.S. 
Recent Examples of Extreme Weather Events are all Consistent with Climate Change Projections

How Will We Cope with Global Warming Heat Waves?
The Health Effects of Hotter Days and Nights

Crops, Beetles and Carbon Dioxide:
Will Global Warming Bring More Voracious Insects to Farms?

Is Your Green Thumb Turning Brown?
Climate change could force your garden to turn over a new leaf

Congress and the White House turn to the National Academy of Sciences for guidance on science-based policy: 
National Academy of Sciences to Release Reports on Climate Change

UCS Board Chair and renowned oceanographer Dr. James McCarthy testifies on the foundation of climate science before a congressional panel.

UCS brings together prominent researchers to discuss ramifications of earlier spring. Learn about the press conference from Reuters and National Public Radio.

Dr. James McCarthy and former Senator Timothy Wirth urge the president to educate the public on urgency of climate science. Read their oped in the Huffington Post

Missouri climate experts set the record straight on scientific evidence. LTE in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch rebuts Peabody Energy

Arctic ice is shrinking, despite claims to the contrary
Get the facts   

Climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel on the Colbert Report
UCS expert keeps her cool in Colbert's skit while second guest makes inaccurate claims   

What "very likely" means to scientists 
Understanding certainty and uncertainty   

Why is global warming like Miracle-Gro for Weeds? 
Dr. Lew Ziska explains how climate change makes allergy symptoms worse 

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