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Texas Oil Company Backs Ballot Measure to Block California’s Clean Energy Policies

Texas-based oil company Valero Energy is the primary funder for a deceptive initiative, for the November 2010 ballot, designed to block California’s landmark clean energy and global warming law.

AB 32 is California’s landmark law to establish clean energy standards and reduce the heat-trapping emissions that cause global warming. These standards will stimulate job creation boost economic growth in our state, and reduce our dependence on oil. Despite the law’s benefits and popularity, it is under attack by the oil company's initiative.

The ballot initiative has the official name "Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year." While the measure’s backers claim it would simply “suspend AB 32,” the initiative would actually indefinitely halt the implementation of clean energy and pollution standards.

Texas Oil Initiative Would Hurt Job Creation and Investment in California’s Economy
According to California’s non-partisan, independent Legislative Analyst’s Office, the derailment of AB 32 could “delay investments in energy technologies reaping longer run savings, or dampen additional investments in clean energy technologies or in so-called ‘green jobs’ by private firms, thereby resulting in less economic activity than would otherwise be the case.”

California Families Benefit from Clean Energy Policies
California’s clean energy plans include expanding our energy efficiency investments, diversifying our electricity supply by increasing our use of clean, reliable, and safe renewable sources, such as the wind and sun; updating state vehicle standards that ensure drivers have cleaner cars and trucks; and putting a price on global warming pollution.

Building new solar and wind plants capitalizes on our rich supply of renewable energy resources and creates more jobs per dollar invested than do fossil fuel alternatives. 

Diversifying our energy supply with renewable sources also makes us more energy independent and helps protect us from volatile natural gas and oil prices.  Putting the state’s clean energy policies on hold puts billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of potential new jobs at risk. The most expensive thing we can do is ignore this opportunity.

Clean Energy Leads to Healthier Air
Cleaning up our energy supply will reduce fossil fuel emissions, which create toxic and smog-forming pollution and contribute to global warming. Toxic pollution has plagued California residents with some of the unhealthiest air in the nation, costing the state tens of billions of dollars in missed work and school days and health care expenses.

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