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Post-Election 2010: Next Steps for Climate

On election night an unprecedented number of climate contrarians were swept into office.

Moving forward, UCS will continue to expose polluting industries such as big oil, coal, and electric, and their cronies who knowingly mislead the public about climate science. And we're going to challenge them to get their facts straight.

Because when it comes right down to it, the public's confidence in science and scientists remains high. In fact, on election night in California we saw a tangible example of science trumping industry spin, when voters thwarted an aggressive attempt by out-of-state oil companies to kill the state's landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32).
As the victory in California yesterday reminds us, there are plenty of other ways to effect change on these issues. In the coming months, UCS will:

  • Defend the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to reduce power plant, transportation, industrial, and agricultural global warming emissions;
  • Push state utility commissions to shut down the oldest and dirtiest coal power plants;
  • Pressure the administration to further boost fuel economy for cars and trucks and decrease tailpipe pollution, and cut our nation’s projected oil use in half by 2030;
  • Advocate for strong, science-based state and regional climate programs that can reduce heat-trapping emissions at the local level; and
  • Bring agricultural experts and scientists together with government officials to build support for scientifically sound, forward-thinking farming practices that can improve our air, water, and climate

No matter what changes happen in Washington, D.C., UCS will continue to do what we do best: develop and advance science-based solutions to major environmental and security issues.

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