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Solutions in Action from the Climate 2030 Blueprint

Solutions in Action from the Climate 2030 Blueprint show that we have the technology and ability to reduce global warming emissions through energy efficiency and clean energy sources today. The ten stories below highlight the success of businesses and cities across the country.

The Little Country That Could
The country of Denmark made a dramatic and successful shift in how it uses and produces energy.

Three Companies Find Efficiency a Profitable Business Strategy
Reducing global warming emissions must be a profitable business strategy. Here is how three companies accomplished that task.

The Two-Fer—How Midwesterners Are Saving Money while Cutting Carbon Emissions
Two communities in the Midwest have built new or renovated homes to boost energy efficiency—saving families money while reducing heat-trapping emissions.

Surprises in the Desert
Concentrated solar power is a relatively simple approach to generating renewable electricity on a scale comparable to conventional coal and natural gas plants.

The Early Feats and Promising Future of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
Hybrid-electric vehicles first arrived in the United States 10 years ago. Since then the technology—and its popularity—have grown immensely.

Some Good News in Hard Times
Job growth in the renewable energy sector is on the rise.

Jump-Starting Tomorrow’s Biofuels
The future of biofuels depends on making the right choices today. Not all biofuels are created equal, at least not when it comes to curbing carbon emissions. 
It Takes an Urban Village to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Urban villages along the old trolley lines make Arlington County one of the most desirable communities in the metro-DC area. How smart growth can help reduce emissions.

Farmers and Fungi—Climate Change Heroes at the Rodale Institute
Rodale Institute has been studying organic farming methods for more than six decades, including a side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional farming practices.

Reinventing Pittsburgh as a Green City
Today Pittsburgh is a leader in green buildings, and has turned its abandoned industrial sites, known as brownfields, into assets through extensive redevelopment.


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