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You + Your Computer = Carbon Detective

Become a citizen scientist! Help document how the world's major carbon producers are contributing to the growing consequences of climate change.

Yes! I want to help complete groundbreaking research on climate change.

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Join citizen scientists around the world who are helping to complete the vast computations needed for this groundbreaking research on climate change.

To participate, all you need to do is contribute your computer’s idle processing time to help run the climate models that provide the essential data for this research.

Simply enter your email and you'll be immediately directed to the information you need to install the free supporting software on your computer.

This is a pilot project here at UCS. We would appreciate you trying out the program and letting us know how it goes! (If you would prefer not to download the software, you can still get involved here.)

Thank you for your help! Together we can tackle global warming — and pass on a safer, healthier world for future generations.

This new research will help determine the contribution of the world's major carbon producers to climate change

As you know, we are feeling the impacts of a warming world every day. From rising seas to extreme heat, climate change is here and caused by the emissions from fossil fuels when we burn gasoline to drive our cars or coal, oil, or gas to heat our homes and power our lives.

Over the past several years, scientists have succeeded in tracking with increasing confidence the portion of climate change that is tied directly to human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels.

We are now collaborating with top scientists around the world on this research effort that will, for the first time, calculate the contribution of the world’s major carbon producers — coal, oil, natural gas, and cement companies — to climate change.

In so doing, we can also determine how their products are directly contributing to the specific, and increasingly costly, consequences of a warming world.

 Learn more about the world's largest carbon producers

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