Great Lakes Curriculum Guide For Teachers

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Confront the Challenge
• Climate in the Region
• The Report
• Technical Background
• For Teachers

Explore the Impacts
• Overview
• Migrating Climates
• Water Resources
• Sense of Place

Discover the Solutions
• Overview
• Reducing our Emissions
• Managing our Response
• Ten Personal Solutions

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For Teachers

We are in the process of creating a curriculum guide to bring the findings of Confronting Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region: Impacts on Our Communities and Ecosystems to younger audiences, and hope to release this guide over the next few months. If you are interested in being notified when this guide is released, please fill out our Great Lakes notification form.

About the Guide
When complete, our Great Lakes curriculum guide will:

  • be geared toward high school audiences (grades 9 to 12), though it will be modifiable for other audiences;
  • consist of multiple activities, which will be closely tied to and build upon the report;
  • meet state-specific science education criteria for grades 9 to 12;
  • highlight the real-life impacts of climate change on students' home states and familiar environments, exploring in depth the ecosystem goods and services upon which our human economy depends; and,
  • emphasize practical solutions that will both mitigate future harm and help us adapt to those changes that are inevitable.

The materials will be made accessible for teachers by:

  • tying each activity to the state-specific content and skills standards set by their state, as required for grades 9-12;
  • providing sufficient background information and resources for teachers to feel comfortable teaching this complex and frequently controversial topic; and,
  • offering several alternatives and/or extensions to each activity to facilitate its application in varying teaching contexts (e.g. class size, available resources, grade level, skill level, subject matter).

Other UCS Curriculum Materials
The Union of Concerned Scientists has additional materials available for teachers that help illustrate the impacts of climate change. Please visit the links below for more information.

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Survey the Region
• Overview
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• New York
• Ohio
• Ontario
• Pennsylvania
• Wisconsin


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