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Great Lakes Communities and Ecosystems at RiskThe Challengespacer
Confront the Challenge
• Climate in the Region
• The Report
• Technical Background
• For Teachers

Explore the Impacts
• Overview
• Migrating Climates
• Water Resources
• Sense of Place

Discover the Solutions
• Overview
• Reducing our Emissions
• Managing our Response
• Ten Personal Solutions

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Technical Background
  • Climate Change Analysis
    • Climate Models
    • Emissions Scenarios
    • Integrating Historical Records With Climate Model Projections
    • Climate Model Uncertainties and The Risk of Abrupt Change
    • Comparison of New Climate Projections With Previous Assessments
    • Detailed Results of the Climate Analysis
  • Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems
    • Impacts of Higher Lake Temperatures
    • Impacts on Lake and River Ice Cover
    • Changes in Lake Levels and Resulting Impacts
    • Impacts on Wetland Ecosystems
    • Impacts on Streams and Rivers
    • Changes in Lake Productivity and Eutrophication
    • Fish Responses To Climate Change
  • Human Impacts
    • Human Health Impacts
    • The Changing Character of the Great Lakes Region
  • Solutions
    • Reducing Emissions of Heat-Trapping Gases
    • Minimizing Human Pressures on the Environment
    • Managing the Impacts of Climate Change
  • Errata
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Survey the Region
• Overview
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• New York
• Ohio
• Ontario
• Pennsylvania
• Wisconsin


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