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South Texas Project Safety Concerns (2006)

The security officers at the South Texas Project nuclear plant are members of Local No. 728 of the Security – Police Fire Professionals of America. They are the first line of defense against those wishing to sabotage this nuclear plant. For too long, security officers have been raising concerns about ineffective drills, deficient security posts and equipment, improper access controls, and unmitigated vulnerabilities through proper channels. Too often, their sincere concerns only resulted in retaliation against them.

They could have taken the cue to look the other way and continued to get paid with fewer hassles. But they take their important jobs too seriously to remain silent about security shortfalls. They enlisted the aid of the Service Employees International Union and UCS. UCS reviewed an extensive paper trail demonstrating that concerns raised by these security officers in good faith have been improperly handled. To make matters worse, it appears that security officers raising concerns become targets for retaliation. They should receive accolades, not harassment.

In "Concerns About Inadequate Security at South Texas Project," UCS summarized some of the concerns raised by the security officers. The NRC must promptly investigate these concerns and insure all vulnerabilities are corrected.


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