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Nuclear Power Safety and Security Action Resource Center

Quick Facts About Nuclear Power

What you should know about...

Spent Fuel Storage
Fact sheet
The spent fuel pools in U.S. reactors are dangerously overcrowded. There's a better solution available: dry cask storage.

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Emergency Planning
Fact sheet
In light of Fukushima, it's time for a science-based update of emergency planning requirements for nuclear power plants.

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Potassium Iodide (KI)
Fact sheet
Distribution of potassium iodide tablets can be a cost-effective public health measure in the event of an accident.

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Fire Protection
Fact sheet
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has twice updated its fire protection standards, yet more than 40 nuclear plants remain out of compliance.

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Nuclear Power and Water Resources
Fact sheet
Nuclear power plants rely on nearby water for cooling. They can have a profound impact on water resources—and vice versa.

The Nuclear Power Information Tracker

Zoom in on the interactive map to find reactors in your state, or search for reactors with specific safety issues.

Sample Documents

Model Resolutions calling on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to take effective action on nuclear power safety
State | Municipal
Legislation addressing the impact of nuclear power safety issues
California — AB 1632 | State Water Board Res. 2010-0020
Illinois — HB1723 (Nuclear Preparedness Act)
Vermont — Act 160
Duxbury, MA — Town Meeting article
Letters requesting action on nuclear power safety
Sens. Boxer and Carper to NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko
Rep. Kucinich to Chairman Jaczko
Massachusetts State Senator Daniel A. Wolf to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future
Mayor Lori Donchak of San Clemente, CA to Rep. Ken Calvert
Mayor Donchak to Chairman Jaczko
24 members of Congress to the NRC Commissioners

Nuclear Power Safety Fact Sheets for States and Regions


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