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Nuclear Power Information Tracker

Nuclear Power Information Tracker
For more than 30 years, UCS has monitored safety levels at U.S. nuclear power reactors and intervened when safety levels drop lower than federal regulations permit. We have found that, all too frequently, a problem found at one reactor is bound to afflict other reactors as well. In addition, a single reactor often has more than one reason for its safety levels being too low. To help put the issue of nuclear power safety on the map-literally-we created Nuclear Power Information Tracker, a comprehensive, interactive resource for information on U.S. nuclear power reactors.

Nuclear Power Information Tracker allows users to search for reactors using various criteria such as location, reactor type, operational status, and safety concerns. It also gives in-depth information about each reactor, including past and present safety issues, UCS letters to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and testimony to Congress. By showing the extent to which unresolved safety problems affect reactors across the country, it is our hope that this interactive feature will help speed up efforts by both reactor operators and the federal government to resolve these safety issues and ensure they never happen again.

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