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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Braidwood Unit 1

Braidwood, Illinois
Local population: 42,733 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 07/02/87-10/17/26



Safety Issues:

Groundwater Leaks Reported

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08/16/2010   Fission Stories #41 covers the cascading shut down of both reactors when conditions created by the Unit 2 shut down forced Unit 1 to shut down.

08/16/2010   The plant owner knew about several problems but did not correct them, leading to a near-miss. The problems included a poor design that led to repeated floods in buildings with safety equipment, a poor design that allowed vented steam to rip metal siding off containment walls, and undersized electrical fuses for vital safety equipment.

05/11/2006   UCS documented our views on the proper sanction for the 6.5 million gallons of radioactively contaminated water from Braidwood in a letter to NRC Commissioner Edward McGaffigan, Jr.  Download the pdf